We offer a range of Misencil products for lash care & maintenance, at-home lash enhancement and makeup removal. You can purchase these in-store or by contacting Crystal.

Revitalizer | $29

For natural lashes & eyelash extensions Moisturizing, nourishing & fortifying lash care This is an essential care product for lashes and eyelash extensions. Bring and instant shine and softness to your natural lashes and eyelash extensions. The revitalizer’s unique fruit cell culture extract, peptides and provitamin B5 complex nourishes and gives your lashes a healthy look. Your extensions remain in place and look as fresh as the first day.

Protector | $29

For natural & eyelash extensions. Shield against humidity & elements This is an essential care product for lashes and eyelash extensions that prevents humidity, pollution, oily residue and other impurities from damaging your natural lashes and eyelash extensions. The application of the protector make makeup remocal easy and its fruit cell culture extract, peptides and provitamin B5 complex helps fortify natural lashes. Your extensions will maintain their original curve and optimal adherence.

Makeup Remover | $40

For Face & Eye makeup remover. With active complex that promotes stronger lashes & improves skin cell renewal Gentle high-performance makeup remover with apple cell culture extract that promotes faster cell renewal and repairs the skin. This formula with peptides also helps fortify existing lashes. Suitable for eyelash extensions. Apply small amount on wet skin, massage the face for a few minutes, and using your fingertips, move from the eyelid to the tip of the lashes. Rinse with water.

Elixir | $89

Get up to 3x more volume The exclusive Misencil eyelash and eyebrow elixir formula is made with a high-tech active comples of peptides and provitamin B5 that stimulates eyelash growth. Clinically proven results:
LONGER – Up to 58 % longer after a 14 day use
THICKER – A diameter up to 2.9 times bigger after a 14 day use
STRONGER & HEALTHIER – reduced eyelash loss resulting in an average of 9 more lashes after a 30 day use.

Lash Shampoo Kit | $50

This Kit Includes: Eyelid & Lash Shampoo Brush for the eye area Silicone Brush cleaner High-performance lash shampoo with apple stem cell renewal. The lightweight foaming formula helps remove impurities from the lash base to the top allowing its peptides to fortify existing lashes. After using Misencil makeup remover, apply small amount of foam on the eyelids. Use the brush; make circular motions on the eyelid at the lashes vase, and on the lashes themselves to remove any residue. Suitable and helps to extend eyelash extensions longevity.

Duokit | $50

Essential home eyelash extension maintenance kit Contains 1 x Protector and 1 x Revitalizer See Protector and Revitalizer for more details