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For natural lashes & eyelash extensions
Moisturizing, nourishing & fortifying lash care

This is an essential care product for lashes and eyelash extensions. Bring and instant shine and softness to your natural lashes and eyelash extensions. The revitalizer’s unique fruit cell culture extract, peptides and provitamin B5 complex nourishes and gives your lashes a healthy look. Your extensions remain in place and look as fresh as the first day.

Price $29



For natural & eyelash extensions
Shield against humidity & elements

This is an essential care product for lashes and eyelash extensions that prevents humidity, pollution, oily residue and other impurities from damaging your natural lashes and eyelash extensions. The application of the protector make makeup remocal easy and its fruit cell culture extract, peptides and provitamin B5 complex helps fortify natural lashes. Your extensions will maintain their original curve and optimal adherence.

Price $29


Make up Remover

For Face & Eye makeup remover

With active complex that promotes stronger lashes & improves skin cell renewal

Gentle high-performance makeup remover with apple cell culture extract that promotes faster cell renewal and repairs the skin. This formula with peptides also helps fortify existing lashes. Suitable for eyelash extensions. Apply small amount on wet skin, massage the face for a few minutes, and using your fingertips, move from the eyelid to the tip of the lashes. Rinse with water

Price $40



Up to 3x more volume

The exclusive Misencil eyelash and eyebrow elixir formula is made with a high-tech active comples of peptides and provitamin B5 that stimulates eyelash growth.
Clinically proven results:
LONGER – Up to 58 % longer after a 14 day use
THICKER – A diameter up to 2.9 times bigger after a 14 day use
STRONGER & HEALTHIER – reduced eyelash loss resulting in an average of 9 more lashes after a 30 day use.

Price $89


Lash Shampoo Kit

This Kit Includes:
Eyelid & Lash Shampoo
Brush for the eye area
Silicone Brush cleaner

High-performance lash shampoo with apple stem cell renewal. The lightweight foaming formula helps remove impurities from the lash base to the top allowing its peptides to fortify existing lashes. After using Misencil makeup remover, apply small amount of foam on the eyelids. Use the brush; make circular motions on the eyelid at the lashes vase, and on the lashes themselves to remove any residue. Suitable and helps to extend eyelash extensions longevity.

Price $50



Essential home eyelash extension maintenance kit
Contains 1 x Protector and 1 x Revitalizer
See Protector and Revitalizer for more details

Price $50


Glam Mascara

A mascara brush compatible with Eyelash extensions 100% silicone and natural lashes. GLAM mascara separates and lengthens the lashes for a more glamorous look. Its formula is long-lasting.

10 g / 0.33 oz
Price $25


Lux Mascara

A dramatically intense and deep look with the new mascara Lux! Its easy application form ensures a long hold duration, without any package or lumps. His brush ergonomic cone shaped open look and is ideal for the application of mascara on the lashes of the lower lid. Real essential for great eyelashes!

10 g / 0.33 oz
Price $25


Star Mascara

Uncover the star in you!
A mascara brush nylon 100% compatible with Eyelash extensions and natural lashes. STAR mascara provides a ‘volume 3D’ effect that intensifies the fringe of lashes for a multidimensional look, with or without extensions! Its formula is long-lasting.

10 g / 0.33 oz
Price $25


Black Felt Eyeliner Pen

Price $15


Le Serum

Lash and eyebrow serum

A global innovation for an amazing look. This serum made of a patented complex, the REDENSYL, gives you that deep and captivating look by stimulating the root of your lashes and eyebrows, extending their growth and delaying their fall. Its dual applicator allows a precise application on eyebrows with a foam tip, and a brush tip that wraps each lash. Discover lashes and eyebrows 3x denser in just 15 days!

Price $90



Eye contour gel will fight against wrinkles, bags, dark circles, lifting effect and give a healthy glow

The Expression eye contour gel is made with natural active ingredients that help improve skin cell renewal, help eliminate dark circles and red spots, lift eyelids and noticeably reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for an overall healthier an younger looking eye area.

Price $50


O.R.G. Mineral face Peel

Facial and makeup prep exfoliant with natural brightening agents.
Mineral Peel Face is the first all-natural enzyme exfoliant that extracts dermal debris and dead skin within seconds of application for instantly smoother, softer, radiant skin

Price $50


O.R.G. Mineral body Peel

Body exfoliant with skin moisturizing nutrients
Discover softer, polished skin. Smooth rough, ravaged winter skin, get glowing for a big night out, or prep skin for the evenly bronzed tan of your dreams

Price $40


The Seduction Kit

This kit includes
Pocket Mirror
Star Mascara
Mini Makeup Remover
Lip balm
Precision Eyeliner
1 pair of Anti-Wrinkle Patches

Price $79


The Getaway Kit

This kit includes
Mini Makeup Remover
Lip balm
1 pair of Anti-Wrinkle Patches

Price $69